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A person who designs is called a designer. He or she is an agent who creates stuff. Designing is an art which is interlinked with science in many ways. It is not just a talent. A designer is a person who produces tangible and intangible stuff, laws, processes, graphics, and experiences etc. Designing is actually a way of communicating with other things through graphic, textile, or illustrations. There are many types of designers, for example, web designer, graphic designer, textile designer, fashion designer etc. An architect is also a designer. The people who make engineering drawings, blueprints, circuit diagrams etc. also called designers of that field.

Web designers:

We all are familiar with websites. We use them daily. It contains several web pages, which is published on a web server and identified by a name called Domain name. Web page of a website contains data about that particular site. The data may contain text, audio, video or images or all of them. These websites are designed by a person. That person is called “web designer”. It is not necessary that a single person designs a whole website. Several people may work together to design a website. Web sites are designed through many ways. Nowadays there are several tools in which you can easily design a website. But the most accurate way is web programming. A web designer must know how to do web programming. The languages used in web programming are CSS, PHP, and HTML etc. Various academics and universities teach these courses. A person can learn it from the internet too. Web designing is not an easy job. It requires a lot of effort to improve the skills. There are many famous web designing who have made their names prominent in the history of web and development. Some of them are:

• Andy Clarke.

• Dave Shea.

• Sarah Parmenter.

• Jeffrey Zeldman

• Dan Cederholm.

Graphic Designers:

Graphic designing is an art of communication through visual effects and illustrations. Graphic designing includes the transformation of converting ideas and messages into visual text, images or videos. A person who assembles typography, images, and motion pictures to create graphic is called a graphic designing. He visually represents ideas and messages by the use of different software and tools. Graphic designers are skilled artist that use modern technology to create illustrations, images, and various other things. These skills are developed by taking different courses or degree in graphic designing. It requires a lot of practice. Graphic designing is also used in gaming. The games we play daily contains characters and graphics that is done by graphic designers.

Graphic designing is mostly used for advertising. The making of brochures and logos is included in graphic designing. Every brand or company has its own logo. These logos are not just any image. This is the symbol of their identification. These logos are designed by graphic designers or graphic artists. This process is called branding. It was originated in the 1890s. It is now very common. Many graphic designers are getting successful by working hard in branding. Some famous graphic designers are:

• Milton Glaser

• Paul Rand

• David Carson

• Chip Kid

• Paula Scher

Anyone who is deeply interested can learn to design. He can be a really good designer if he fully devotes himself towards this thing.

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