Top 5 Free Sound Recording Software 2017

Thanks to technology, now everyone is able to make his or her own music from home. Even I have created my own workstation and I have been able to create some of the best tracks.

There was a time when just like you I was confused about sound recording software that I should have. So I started experimenting with different software available online and here is my list of top 5 Free Sound Recording Software.

1-Free Sound Recorder

It is the best sound recording software that I came across. It is easy to use and you do not need special skills to create and record your own music. The features that I liked the most in this software are

  • I was able to capture any type of sound that I played on my computer
  • It allowed me to record the online conferences, streaming videos, Skype and VoIP phone call.
  • I was able to record the music from YouTube.
  • The best quality of the software is that it is free

2-Presonus Studio One 3 Prime

I found three different versions of One 3 Prime. It is a reliable software and the standard version is free to use. I was able to record quality sound with the software. Most of the key features were available in the free version but I came across some of the useful features that were paid which made it hard to use. The biggest attraction of the software was that it never timed out while I was using the free services.


It is one of the most popular free recording software that I came across. There is a wide range of recording and editing options available. It is an open source program, the free version is available forever, and features will never be locked. However, I had to face some issues while using the software like destructive editing.


Ardour is the software that has been designed for all platforms. I liked this software because of the multi-tracking facility. I was able to import the videos from different online and offline platform and was able to merge their sound tracks into your music. I was able to pair the individual tracks for the recording and there were no issues in the software.


It is a decent software and the features are good. However, I found that the layout of the program is not very appealing but it works well for merging different tracks into one. In order to use the software I had to learn a few skills but they were worth my time because I was able to create some interesting tracks.

Bottom line

I know that none of them is perfect, however; Free Sound Recorder met my requirements in the best possible way. It has all the features and it has been providing me with the quality results. Requirements are the first thing to consider during the selection of the software. So pay attention and select the software that is the most satisfactory.

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