Top Video Editing Software for Video Creation

Video sharing is too common nowadays. People like to take videos and upload them on social media to show the world. Videos are also used for work purpose. These videos sometimes need to be edited. Video editing is becoming famous day by day. There are many free video editing software in the market but it’s difficult to choose the best one. Today I’m going to tell you about some of the video editing software so you can easily choose the software that is most convenient for your purpose.

Machete Video Editor Lite:

Machete Video Editor Lite is only available for windows. This software provides the option to cut copy and paste any part of the video. It is really quick and simple. It easily slices any part of the video. It doesn’t shuffle through technical documents which is a big advantage. Best feature is that video quality is not lost because the video is not re-encoded when it is cut.

Machete Video Editor Lite

It only supports two formats that are AVI and WMV. It doesn’t allow audio editing which is a big disadvantage. But with all the features, it is good for the beginning of video editing.


WeVideo is cloud-based video editing software that means you don’t have to download it because you can easily access it directly from the browser. It allows you to do audio editing. It has licensed music in its library. Its major disadvantage is that its free version has very less space of 5GB. If you’re editing a simple video then its ok but for high-quality video, this space is not enough. It also puts a watermark on the video which is really not a good feature.


VSDC Video Editor:

VSDC Video Editor is for windows operating system. It is totally free and there is no paid version. It can be used professionally. It supports almost all of the video formats. It allows audio editing as well as some advanced options like sound normalization and color correction. It also allows advanced effects for videos like color correction and object transformation. It doesn’t put a watermark. It’s free but for technical help, you’ll have to pay.

VSDC Free Video Editor

Avidemux Video Editor:

If you’re a beginner in video editing, Avidemux Video Editor is the best to use. There is no chance of any loss of video quality. It provides several filters to apply on the videos. This software allows the user to perform different functions like rotating and flipping clips, adding subtitles and adjusting brightness and colors level. It supports various formats like MP4, QuickTime, DVD, AVI, and MPEG. It doesn’t support audio editing. It is available for windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

Avidemux Video Editor

Blender Video Editor:

Blender Video Editor is professionally used software. It allows rendering, modeling, motion tracking and much more. It’s a 3-D animation package. You can easily produce an incredibly complex video by using the 32 slots provided for adding audio clips, video clips, effects, and images. It has a lot of features like speed control, adjustment layers, transitions, filters and much more. It is a bit difficult so it will be overwhelming for a beginner. It doesn’t put watermarks. It is available for windows, Linux and MAC operating systems.

Blender Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor:

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor provides many advanced features. There is an “Easy Mode” through which you can easily choose a theme adds music, drag and drop clips of videos, create a finished video easily and quickly. By using it “Full Feature Mode” you can do so much more like adding transitions, overlays using split screens and playing video in reverse. It also allows you to transfer it to a mobile device and burn it to DVD. It is available for MAC and windows. It puts a watermark in the video when you’re using the free version. It can only be removed by upgrading your software to paid version.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

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